There are several reasons why owners/developers/general contractors should use the design/build process for HVAC systems for major projects.

The commitment on the part of top management at MMEP is as strong in engineering expertise as in installation expertise. To reach that end, we must produce quality, creative, functional systems. It is our objective to be uncompromising in our design standards and standards of quality. We cannot afford to have an unsuccessful design project.

Single Source Commitment– Project developers and owners tend to place far too much emphasis on the “bidding process” on the premise that cost control can be achieved by reduced profit margins for the contractors involved. In pursuit of due diligence, they are unaware or lose sight of the fact that the real cause of high construction costs or cost overruns is a “runaway” unmonitored design and schedule delays. Going through the bid process takes time and creates an adversarial situation where the “low bidder” is not a team member. The owner/general contractor end-up paying considerably more for the system and fight the mechanical contractor and consulting engineer all the way through the project.

Even though the design/build process eliminates the “bid” process, the net cost to the owner is less with a team environment in which the owner is a participant.

Guaranteed Price and Performance – Once a system is selected, MEP stands by the price through completion.  The mechanical costs can be tied down early on and will not change.  The system performance is guaranteed by virtue of its design criteria portion of the specifications.  We carrry as much if not more “errors and omissions” insurance than does the average consultant, and we never have had a claim.

Value Added Services – We offer detailed and complete system analysis including computer energy studies with every major project.  We make sure all costs are considered, including construction costs, energy costs, replacement period and life cycle costs, maintenance costs, tenant development costs, and system flexibility.

Innovation/Practical Design Concepts – We constantly look for better ways to provide system design value.  We are on the leading edge of system development and product technology.  Knowing that MEP is the engineer of record and is the installing contractor, we do not have to over design systems to make up for bad installation practices.  If a job requires 500 tons, we design for 500 tons.  We do not oversize piping, ductwork or system components because of installation concerns.  The result is not only a more cost-effective system, but a system that runs smoothly and uses less energy.

Coordination– The design/build process eliminates scope gaps. Our designs are thoroughly coordinated with the other disciplines. We have designers check our designs with architectural and structural plans to make sure everything fits, and we coordinate with fire protection, electrical and plumbing.

Changes – Changes in scope or design concept are common; owners and architects change their minds. Sometimes budgets are exceeded and the scope has to be reduced. We can revise our plans or completely change systems if necessary without major costs. We can do this because we know how to make changes to quickly and efficiently coordinate with the field.

Total Responsibility – The design/build process assures the owner of satisfaction. If there is a design error, we fix it. If there is a construction error, we fix it. Single source responsibility works to everyone’s benefit. We carry full products liability and errors and omissions insurance far in excess of that carried by a consulting engineer.

In summary, we feel it is your advantage to have Midwest MEP Inc. as your design/installation/service contractor.

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